‘Embed Bare Image Links’ WordPress Plugin

This WordPress plugin converts bare image links inserted in the post content into HTML tagged images. Only applies into image links not tagged by the user.

Extremely light, only computes when a user saves content, and just executes a light checking.

== Screenshots ==

1. Saved post without this plugin.

2. Saved post with plugin enabled

== Installation ==

1. Upload the embed-bare-image-links folder to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory
2. Activate the Embed Bare Image Links plugin through the \\\\\\\’Plugins\\\\\\\’ menu in WordPress

== Frequently Asked Questions ==

What does this plugin do?

When a user tries to publish content, this plugin search for untagged image links in the content, and tags them before saving it
to the database to make images formerly visible.

Does it work with BBPRESS?

Yes, it works! Which is really nice for forums with unexperienced users who find difficult inserting images

Does it affect old published untagged image links?

No, it only affects to newly saved posts/pages. However, if you update an old post, the plugin will check the content and will
work aswell for that post.

== Changelog ==

V 1.0

Initial stable and working release

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